Glee Season 4 Premiere Recap 9/13/12 – ‘The New Rachel’

The Cast of Glee

The Cast of Glee

Glee returns for the fourth season with Rachel in her NYC dance class with the teacher, Cassandra July, (played by guest star, Kate Hudson) ripping everyone in the class apart – especially Rachel.

Meanwhile back in Ohio, the Glee Club is now celebrities or the coolest club in the school – especially Sam. And the gang has to decide who is the “new Rachel.”

Rachel is trying to adjust to life in New York with a roommate she never sees and she misses Finn. To avoid everyone making fun of her because of her long shower ritual, Rachel takes a shower and meets hottie, Brody Westin, who also happens to be a junior. He is also a musical theater major and informs her h is straight.

Sue introduces Robin, her new daughter, named after her favorite Bee Gee, Robin.

We meet Wade ‘unique’ Adams. The Glee club is not thrilled with Wade – he is just competition for the “new Rachel.” The Glee Club decides to have a sing off with Artie as a judge to see who the “new Rachel” will be. They sing the hottest song of the summer, Call Me Maybe. And the “New Rachel” is Blaine.

Kurt is working in the coffee shop.

We meet Marley, a sophomore, in the cafeteria. Her mother is a school lunch lady who is willing to do anything to help her daughter – including hiding the fact that she is her mother. She also sews name brand tags into Marley’s second hand sweaters to make her more popular.

See what happens when Rachel accuses Miss July of smelling like alcohol on page 2.

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