Glee Recap 9/27/12 – Makeover

"Sarah Jessica Parker" in Glee

After struggling to come up with fresh ideas for New Directions, Will begins to fear that he’s losing his enthusiasm for show choir. When an opportunity to reignite his passion and make a lasting positive impact on his students presents itself, the procrastinating Will gets prodding from two vastly different sources.

After landing an internship with fashion icon Isabelle Klempt, Kurt comes up with an out-of-the-box idea to revitalize the fashionista’s sagging brand.

While his initiative earns him a new mentor and earns Rachel a much needed makeover, his success also has a troublesome impact.

Special guest star Sarah Jessica Parker begins a multi-episode arc as Isabelle Klempt of, who will play Kurt’s mentor.

Britney asks Artie to be her running mate – she will run for President and he will be the Vice President. Britney offers up Sam as Blaine’s running mate and then challenges them to a debate.

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