Glee ‘Heart’ Sneak Peek Video and Song List 2/14/12

Love is in the air during this Valentine’s Day episode of ‘Glee’. ‘Heart’ features eight songs, listed below and also check out the sneak peek video.

Glee ‘Heart’ Episode Song List:

-Mike & Tina, ‘L-O-V-E’ (Nat King Cole)
-Artie, ‘Let Me Love You’ (Mario)
-Joe, Mercedes, Sam, ‘Stereo Hearts’ (Gym Class Heroes)
-Rory, ‘Home’ (Michael Buble)
-Mercedes, ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Whitney Houston)
-Rachel’s dads, ‘You’re The Top’ (Cole Porter)
-Quinn & Mercedes, ‘Cherish’/’Cherish’ (Madonna/The Association)
-’Glee’ Cast, ‘Love Shack’ (The B-52?s)

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