Glee Britney 2.0 Recap 9/20/12

The 2nd Britney Spears tribute is tonight!! Glee’s Britney begins the episode by talking to herself and saying what a great year she is going to have before breaking into her first Britney Spears song, Hold it Against Me Now.

Sue has a talk with Britney about her horrible grades and kicks her off the Cheerios. Sue calls it tough love and Britney calls it mean.

Meanwhile in New York, Rachel is in dance class where Miss July tell her she needs to sit out this dance since she doesn’t have enough sex appeal. Rachel sets out to prove her wrong and asks Brody to dance with her.   They perform Oops, I Did It Again.

Miss July said Rachel would be good at playing Shrek. Yikes.   And Rachel fought back saying, Miss July is jealous of her and gets kicked out of her class. Rachel apologizes to Miss July but is still put on probation.

Check out a preview of  next week’s episode here!!

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