Facebook is Not Reality

Facebook is fun and yes – it can be a reality for some people, but not for everyone.

Facebook doesn’t always show the complete picture of someone’s life. In a lot of cases, Facebook shows ‘the good side’ of people. The parties they go to, the fun they are having and their 1,000′s of friends. What we don’t always see is the other side – being left out of a party, a bad break-up or the latest drama with your real-life friends.

A recent study at Utah Valley University found that the more time college students spent on Facebook, the worse they felt about their own lives. This is referred to as Facebook Envy.

While it’s easy to anonymously checking out “friends,” (or as teens refer to it – ‘stalk’ your friends) ultimately what we see and read can make us depressed. After all, it’s human nature to compare ourselves with others. Experts say it’s Facebook’s in-your-face updates that can provoke depression, anxiety and envy. And it’s hitting teens and adults alike.

Rather than look at what everyone else is doing, we need to get out there live our own lives and not worry so much about what everyone else is doing. Or at least what everyone else appears to be doing?

What do you think?

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