One Direction’s Harry Styles Reveals What He is Looking For in a Woman

The band, One  Direction, sat down with Extra for an exclusive interview where they spoke about being immortalized by Hasbro as dolls, their craziest fan moments, and their love lives.

"One Direction"

One Direction

Thanks to Hasbro, the 1D guys can be in their fans’ homes all over the world.  What did the boys have to say about being immortalized,

Harry: “You never thought you’d have yourself in a little form.”

Zayn:, “These guys are a bit more flexible than us though.”

The dolls even are wearing the same outfits that the group wore on the “Today Show.”

And while Zayn and Louis have girlfriends, one question remains, will Harry’s doll be playing house with Taylor Swift’s?   While Harry did not comment on whether the two are an item, he did reveal to AJ what he is looking for in a woman. Harry stated,

“Someone you have fun with and get along with and is nice.”


Keep reading to see what their craziest fan encounter was.

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