One Direction & Drew Brees Fight Over Pepsi

An ad for the soda company has been running all month long. It features UK boy band One Direction, and NFL quarterback of the New Orleans Saints; Drew Brees.

The commercial takes place backstage at a talk show, and is essentially a fight for the last soda- which turns into a popularity contest.

As 1D’s Harry Styles grabs the drink out of the refrigerator, the football star appears and pleads for the soda-by dropping his name while yanking the soda away.

The 1D singer pleads back, yanking the soda in his direction, and dropping his name. Unapologetically the uninformed Brees asks, “Who?”

Like magic the other 4 band mates appear, in an attempt to defend Harry and the soda. The 2 parties exchange credentials (awards, fans, etc.), and just when it seems that the football star has won the popularity contest, band member Niall attempts to make a deal. He tells Brees, if he gives Harry the soda, he can be in the band.

The shot then flashes to both One Direction and Drew Brees on stage, singing (*Brees is off key) their hit, “Live While We’re Young”.

To see the commercial, continue to page 2.

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