Amanda Bynes Shows Off New Piercing

Former Nickelodeon funny girl, Amanda Bynes resurfaced via Instagram earlier this week.

The troubled star who had been in a slew of traffic related accidents last year, reportedly announced her retirement from television and film, to pursue a career as a fashion designer. It was also reported, that Bynes had permanently relocated to New York from Los Angeles.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, the 26-year-old actress; best known for her comedic role on Nickelodeon’s All That, posted a picture of herself to the social media site, in which she proudly showed off a new facial piercing.

In what is known as a “dermal anchor”, Bynes had her left cheek pierced. The piercing appears to be located where her dimple would typically be.

Clad in a blue patterned button up, black shades, and bright pink earbuds, Amanda was all smiles in the photo op. While it seems she was excited to share her latest fashion statement, followers of hers didn’t seem to care for it. The aspiring designer received a number of comments asking why she would do that to her face.

Which leaves me with this question, what do you make of the facial piercing? Love it or hate it? Sound off.

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