8 Signs You Know You’re in Love

Knowing you’re in love doesn’t always come easy. For most teens, falling in love is something you haven’t yet experienced. And with nothing to compare it to, it’s nearly impossible to know if you are or aren’t. In an effort to help you decipher those uncertainties, I’ve created a list that I hope will answer, “Am I in love? Or aren’t I?”

• A good sign of knowing if you are in love is if you get the butterflies…We’re talking about the excited, anticipation butterflies. Not the nervous, second thought ones! Those are 2 completely different kinds. If you have the kind that make your heart beat just a little bit faster, it’s usually a good sign. It lets you know that your mate is someone who means more to you than just a friend.

• Having shared qualities is also a good indicator. Qualities could include honesty, loyalty, open communication and the ever important, respect. This means respect for yourselves, each other, and every one else.

• Feeling comfortable with and around your partner is a crucial sign too. If you aren’t completely comfortable in the relationship, then chances are you aren’t truly being yourself either. Love requires honesty.

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